Together for Yes

My Role
  • Front-end Development
  • UI Design
Launch Date

21st March 2018

Problem Statement

Together for Yes is the is the National Civil Society Campaign to remove the Eighth Amendment from the Constitution in Ireland.

The brief was to provide front-end development, some design work and templating on Fusio’s side.

A screenshot of the hero section on the day of the launch

The designs sent to us for Together For Yes were more-so influenced by graphic design rather than web design so my job was to tweak certain elements to make the user interface more web familiar. One feature I included was a hero section so before launch I advocated for one to pull the site’s content together and make it look less pamphlet-y

A screenshot of the current live site thanking people for the successful campaign

Taking the static images from the designer, I combined the different text and graphic elements together in the one box so when the user hovers over it the different elements change individually

Boxes in their hover state

The landing page on mobile

The Real Stories segment on mobile