Met Éireann

My Role
  • UI Design

I established the visual design for Ireland's most popular weather website and app

Launch Date

18th April 2018

Problem Statement

Fusio designed and developed the new website and mobile app for Met Éireann. At one point in the project the Product Owners at Met requested that we as a company have two alternative designs to an already existing design completed by our Senior Creative Director. We also had only a day, if even, to work on and submit the designs! Out of all three my design was chosen.

The original design had a couple of issues I identified – it wasn’t always clear that the subtitle e.g. Dublin 7 Day Outlook, and the graphs underneath were in the same section and the title also could be mistaken for a clickable button. I decided to add small vertical border lines underneath and to both sides of a horizontal line to envelope the content, make it easier for the user to concentrate their eye on each section and make it look less like a button / call-to-action.

There was no separation between icons groupings, for example, under the 7 day forecast section so all the groupings blended together and it was potentially overwhelming for the user to not have separation here. I added borders to stack the content almost like cards and let the user better focus in on the relevant days and info they wanted to look at.