Rough Magic

The Brief

Rough Magic is a theatre production company based in Dublin’s city centre. Their guiding principle is that they are part of a world culture that can celebrate Irish identity diverse in nature and outward looking in its vision.

Working for Fusio, I performed all roles on the project from research, wireframes, high definition UI designs to  front-end development and theme building in WordPress.

Through several meetings with the client I identified several issues that could be improved upon and used as a basis when designing the new website.

Problem Solving

The previous website was very dark – a pitch black background that tended to swamp the image and text content. For my initial designs I decided to amp up the bright colours and used their new brand identity manual as a guide for the colour scheme.

However, these designs weren’t exactly what the client was looking for as it didn’t really feel like the Rough Magic brand and it went too far in the direction of trying not to be dark.

Testing caption

I went back to the drawing board, now adopting the colour scheme of an “Upcoming Shows” brochure I’d picked up at a previous meeting. The resulting second round of designs were greeted much more warmly by the client and adopted for the final designs bar a couple more iterations.

Project Role

Launch Date: 19 Jan 2018

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