Amnesty International

My Role
  • Front-end Development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
Launch Date

24th June 2016

Problem Statement

On a visual level, the goal of the new Amnesty International website was to deliver a fresh new user interface based on the organisation’s new brand guidelines – making it a cleaner, vibrant and brighter experience. The design was to fall in line with‘s website – the main organisation’s central website – but I also allowed for key differences in the design as Amnesty Ireland catered to a smaller, national audience in Ireland so more focus had to be given to donation pages and local fundraising page designs.

The user experience was revamped where I made signing petitions a lot easier, it was much easier for researchers and activists to gain access to materials like news and reports and making donations was a better, safer experience.

On the back end, I made it easier for staff to create new posts – news, petitions etc. and empowered them to create better designs by incorporating Visual Composer and creating templates that allows staff to quickly apply them to relevant content.